Sunday, January 15, 2012

The story of when Rosalind Russell got sick

This morning's breakfast was so perfect(2 over-easy eggs, from eggs laid this morning), I decided to tell a little story about when Roz got sick.  She is better now, and we learned a lot about chickens in the process.

 I got this little egg basket, during the holidays to bring in the eggs b/c we kept accidentally dropping em.

 Guess what?  heh-heh Chicken butt!!

 This is Roz, she was admitted to the "NachoMatic animal hospital b/c she didn't feel good. 
 aww-poor girl

When she was sick, we tried everything, well the husband read that possible egg-bound hens will relax in a warm bath and will pass the egg.  So we debated the best way to "give a hen a bath."  We talked about putting her in a bowl, or pot but that was just too....I dunno, morbid--given that these chickens are our pets.  So, having come home from work, still in my scrubs I selflessly volunteered to hold her.  The funny thing about this picture is that a fellow co-worker was sitting on top of the toilet and we were discussing behavioral assessment on a student.  My friend takes it all in stride and didn't even blink twice at the situation.  Also chickens float.

Since I was on bath duty, and I had a report to finish up for work, the husband selflessly took on the drying responsibilities.  She stood on a heating pad while being covered by a towel.  The both watched spongebob square pants. Roz ate a couple flies that kept buzzing around her head.

But to no avail nothing worked, she still didn't feel good.  So after a bizarre day of a training in the morning and randomly going to the hospital in an ambulance with a strange blind woman (must write about that later) the husband and Roz picked me up in the hospital district and off we went to the vet.

UPDATE: after some antibiotics and forced feedings, she was returned to her friends.  She was a good patient and now every time we go to open the back door to the Hen house, she will knock over her sisters to get to us first, flatten out, and stay there until we love on her a little bit!!  It's so cute!!
Gotta say, the vet was pretty cool once he realized this chicken was our pet and not a "working animal," he set us up with some tubing, syringe, meds, and liquid chicken feed.  In addition I must add this, My husband wears his Texas A&M shirt 6 days out of the week, I get having pride for your college, but come-on, 6days a week is a little much.  I am slowly adding more T-shirts to his collection and I have gotten a good response (my trick? get shirts with chickens on it)  Anyways, on the day that we go to the vet, he seemed to have forgotten to wear is blasted Texas A&M shirt.  In case you're reading this from another state and just don't know--Texas A&M is an agriculture and mechanical college(as a matter of fact that's what the A&M stands for).  You go there to work in the agricultural or mechanical industry, like vets, engineers, farm equipment, etc.  So the odds of going to a vet that went to A&M is pretty high. I kept waiting for an opprotunity to throw that random fact into the conversation, and finally the situation presented itself beautifully-it was a comedians dream, really,  While the husband was trying to figure out how to put the chicken back in the cat carrier, the Vet came over to assist-with NO luck.  Finally, I blurted out, "How many aggies does it take to put a chicken in a cat carrier?"  
From that moment on we were accepted there with open arms, he introduced us to his wife, we got some advice for our cat, given some samples, even got a bit of a discount on our bill.  

*Sigh* The husband thinks he's the brains of this operation (our marriage) but we all know it's ME!  

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