Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Done a father Proud!!

 I am a Texas girl, and being a Texas girl means a few things, 1) you must be able to shoot a gun 2) you should know EVERYTHING about Football.  Number 2 is a giant strike out for me.  I don’t have the attention span for football.
Yesterday, my daddy came up and took me to lunch. I ordered pancakes and hash-browns, as the food was delivered I started drowning my pancakes in butter and syrup, totally engrossed in stuffing my face!!


 Dad: “something-something-something” {I wasn’t listening b/c I was enthralled in pancake heaven…mmmm pancake heaven} “The Game?” (then he stops and stares at me)
Me: (through a mouth full of pancakes) “huh? What game?”
Dad: (did the silent slow blink) "The Final Game, Kristin!"
Me: (Shoving more food in my mouth-You’d think I haven’t eaten in a week) “What sport?”
Dad: “Football.  The super bowl!”
Me: (adding more butter and more syrup) “Oh, who’s playing?”
Dad: (sigh) "Patriots and the Giants"
Me: “Patriots? Are they the silver and black team with that Rothboogie dude?"
Dad: (heavy sigh) "No! Dear! That’s the Steelers.  The Patriots have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.”
Me: “Oh, I know him; he’s with that Giselle, she’s worth like a Billion dollars…Oh! And recently just signed a deal with……
Dad: (interrupting me with a heavy sigh) “And the Giants”
Me: “oh, what color are they?”
Dad (another heavier sigh) “Blue and red, they are from New York...Eli Manning plays for them….(he went into more football talk but I there is NO way I can recall it all)
Me: (moving onto to the hash-browns) “Oh! I don’t know him, he dating anyone famous, I might know?”
Dad: (even heavier sigh) “How is it that you are a 7th generation Texan, and my daughter, and you know nothing about football?”
Me: “I think we’ll come down this weekend, we gotta get that bookcase and some other things”
Dad: (silently shook his head)
Me: "Hey, at least I can shoot a gun!" 

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