Thursday, January 26, 2012


The rains yesterday were amazing, I curled up with a good book and listened to the deafening sound of the rain.  It was so relaxing.  Our backyard looked like the makings of a lake, the girls had to stay in their house (they were NOT happy about it either) the dogs stayed in the garage, and the fuzzy-jerks curled up on the couch with the house. 

Piggy Mia, taking claim of her mud!! 
 My poor onions, between the hard rains, beating them up, and Hazzard digging them up, I hope some manage to stay around.   The tomato cage is in the middle of my herb garden to keep a Hazzard out of it.

 Don't judge me for having white tiles in my mudroom.  The tiles were installed by the previous owners.

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