Thursday, January 26, 2012

In the doghouse

 Okay, so I was suppose to paint this doghouse on Monday...before the rains came Tuesday afternoon. Which I didn't do. I blame Calamity.  So the husband sent me a text Tuesday reminding me to, "paint the dog house."  Which I got around to, say 20minutes before it started raining.  *sigh*  As it was pouring down rain, I tried to drag it into the house.  No luck.  Then I tried to tuck it up underneath the eve of the house.  No luck.  Then, watching the paint pour off the house, I threw an ugly old blanket on top of it-then dug out an old piece of tin the husband had in the garage. 
The back-up plan worked, I guess, but I will defiantly have to re-paint the doghouse. 

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