Sunday, April 15, 2012

chickens, thread, and spring cleaning

So sorry about my nearly 45 day disappearance.  Between work, school, raising chicken's and getting in spring cleaning.  I have been seriously busy.

Here's what you missed.

Lula-bug, one of the runts

March 1st-we welcomed 10baby chickens into our home.  They were seriously cute, and seriously fluffy.  There were 2 that were so little, they other girls/boys kept knocking them over, so they spent a lot of time with me.  I was fighting allergies at that time, so a lot of that time was spent in bed.  Now, those 2 girls are my biggest cuddle bugs-which I love!!

The sea of thread!

Angie and the husband
Mid-March-we welcomed 6more chickens to our brood.  Totally us out at 21 chickens!!!  Okay, so my awesome-bad ass brother who has taken over the family farm (he lives on 40 magical acres-that land is the happiest place on earth) he decided that he wanted chickens too, my husband initially got 5 Rhode island reds, and 5 sex-links (straight run) the more we watched the sex-links, the more we decided that at least 3 were roosters.  So Bo decided he wanted more chickens that he knew were pullets.  So, the husband eagerly went down and got him 6 more, they were barred rocks.  All so very cute!!

End of March-We said goodbye to 11 baby chickens.  We kept 4 of the Rhode Islands and 1 barred rock.  Now the 5 girls are living in their brood box in the guitar room.  I am thinking next weekend they will make the move outside.  When the husband and I get home from work, we load the 5 babies in a box and haul them outside.  We also let the big girls out and we lay on a yard rug and enjoy the soft cooing of the big girls and gentle cheeps of the little girls.  So far, the babes and big girls don't really care for each other-but they have finally accepted that each other are chickens.

I love this succession of pictures.
 Roz, posing for the camera
 Roz decided I didn't capture her face from a good angle and insisted I try again.  (Lula, being curious)
 Ever, the drama queen, she wanted another picture with her head slightly tilted!

 Hen pecked! 
 Human baby chicken roost!

 It's official-My chickens are hams!

 Or camera hogs!

First of April- I had to retrieve the items from my old special ed. classroom (I have been re-assigned after an accident at work left the tendons in my right wrist almost severed) so they got shoved in my den, then the husband's grandmother gave me all the sewing notions from her sewing room, and that went in my den.  I finally cracked under all the clutter and went on a cleaning bender.  The den is finally organized, and though some of the clutter still drives me nuts, I can tolerate it now.  Then, I realized that the carpeted floors are gross-so I steam cleaned the crap out of 3rooms (well still in the process of cleaning-since we farm the crap out of our nearly acre lot, we are in and out of our house a lot.  Tracking in everything.  The floors are gross!!! Can't wait til the day we rip the carpet out and put in wood flooring)

Second week of April- I have decided to dive into the world of making clothes.  I come from the world of upholstery sewing.  So I know all the sewing 101 stuff, but in upholstery, you usually make your own patterns, like pillows, curtains, just measure and sew.  Well, clothes making is far from upholstery work.  So, it's been a fun challenge.  I enjoy sewing, it brings me close to my grandmothers who both were phenomenal seamstress' and quilt makers.  

Yesterday-I ran in the Original Mud Run.  It was fun, and I am exhausted.  I also have a test tomorrow in class, and a presentation due.  So I will leave you with some pictures. 

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