Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear Doctors,

To all the doctors that told me,

 "Give up on the idea of running, take up horse back riding instead"


"You're health problems are caused from sleep apnea, not Pectus Excavatum, surgery will be useless-don't bother enduring the painful surgery"


"You're just not pushing yourself hard enough, it's not the Pectus Excavatum, it's mind over matter"


"Pectus Excavatum doesn't effect your lungs and heart at all--you're just lazy"

All of you jerk's can go jump off a bridge. And when you're swimming to shore, make sure you are breathing through a straw, then maybe we'll be even!!

I am went ahead had the surgery and now almost 24months post op, I am actually living life.  (believe it or not the first 12-18months post op I was still recovering, only now at 22 months do I really feel a difference.  My lungs are just now starting to expand and really grow, so I will only be getting more healthy and stronger as I get older-how lucky am I?)

This was my 2nd 5k.
My first Mud Run:

I have mild lung disease, I have 52% lung capacity, at one point my heart was pumping from underneath my left armpit.  And there are parts of my lungs being used for the first time-ever!!  I have days where the "it's unfair monster" takes a hold of me, but living life to the fullest is the best revenge.

"The first time you tell me, 'I can't' that is the first thing I am gonna do!!"

Because that's how I roll!!

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