Friday, June 22, 2012

5k=10k. I hate math!

 One morning in May, I woke up all excited ready to tackle my next 5k.  I had a plan of attack and was ready to kick this 5K in the ass!! 
 Somewhere along the path, I unknowingly took a wrong turn---of course I say I "took a wrong turn" but really I yelled at some dude, "hey!  is this the 5K turn around?"  he screamed back, "Yes"--so yea, I took a "wrong turn." 3miles down the "5k turn around" the thought passed through my mind, "Crap,  Kristin, you are far-far away from the finish line.  right?  I mean-this isn't getting any closer to the finish line.  Shit, Kristin, you have to go back the way you came.  Holy crap, where's the damn finish line?" 

I saw another runner, I waited for her to catch up to me, and asked, "where's the freaking finish?  She goes, "sweetie this is the 10k path we are only at the half way point!"

I was so mad.  I wanted to find that dude and kick him in the face with my blistered feet.

 I ended up running a stupid 10k.  I was mad-I was REALLY mad.  I said every bad word, I could think of....I wasn't mentally prepared for an additional 3miles.  I thought about pushing men off their bikes, stealing the cops go-cart, and hiking up the hill, crossing 7th street and hiking myself back to the truck. 
But dang-it.  I didn't (stupid-stupid-stupid personal code of ethics.)  I had blisters the size of half dollars on the back of my feet.  OH! my feet felt like I had nails shoved through them.  My lungs felt like I was trying to swim through quick sand.  My body felt like I got the crap kicked out of me by bricks.  And I was still so pissed off, I wanted to kill someone. 

After the presentation of awards, I limped and waddled up to the announcer and sweetly explained, "I signed up for a 5k and ended up doing a 10k.  Can I have a metal?"

I finished close to last, but still managed to beat my 5k pace. *sigh*

I still hate running.  I mean I really-really hate running.  I hate the physical act of running.  But ya know what, I still tear up when I cross the stupid finish line!

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