Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What to expect when your wife is home for the summer

 Blinds taking a bleach bath in the bath tub
A Blow dryer on the kitchen cabinet
 Laundry detergent on the kitchen table
 Car parts on the kitchen table
 Quilting material in the bookcase
 Laundry room cabinets in the den
 Shoes hanging out and talking in the den
 Lot's of eggs, sitting on top of my bookcase for my classroom shoved in the corner of the kitchen
All of the laundry room supplies in plastic bins in the middle of the kitchen!!

My husband is super patient and tolerates my eccentricities and projects.  He never knows what he's walking into, but amazingly-he still comes in.   
I am just super happy that I have the energy to sustain of all these projects.  Two years ago, that was not the case. 

It gets worse before it gets better?  Right?  Please say yes!!

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