Monday, January 11, 2010

The screwed up view of a Speicial Ed. teacher.

I can be the worst day-EVER! I mean kids come to the table to work and as they are sitting down they decide that EVERYTHING on the table needs to be on the floor. And as they are picking it up, you some how get bitch slapped across the face with a puzzle piece. While you are trying to bite your lip, and keep calm and carry on. You get a phone call, your main stream buddy kicked someone because a kid said a word that annoyed him. Come to find out that word is, "neither." Yes, you read it write, "neither!" So you drag him in kicking and screaming, meanwhile 1 student decided that he needed to pee in the corner of the bathroom instead of the toilet. Because lets face it-the corner is so much cooler!

It can be one of those kid of days, where you want to crawl under your desk and let the little devil children rule for a day. Then, in a moment that has not yet made sense to me, I get a beautiful sentence from a student, "Kristin I want to look at the book, "Who said moo?" please."
What? huh? Did that sentence just come out of my student? Holy crap! Where the hell is that book?
And as I am tearing up my bookshelf...looking. I notice my other little devil child playing target practice in the toilet while standing on the toilet seat. I guess it was too much effort to lift the seat?

But that is my lesson for the day!

Sometimes you gotta take, steal, remember, hold onto, and cherish the small stuff-b/c on days like today. Its all I got to keep me sane!!!

words I repeated over and over today, "Put the monkey down!"

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