Thursday, April 8, 2010

Don’t touch my Tomato!

Me: "Chad, I told you once, I've told you like a million times!! Stop eating the cherry tomatoes."

Chad: "Don't think I can"

Me: "I bought them for a spaghetti sauce"

Chad: "Babe, everyone knows you use roma tomatoes for-"

Me: {feeling my blood pressure go up} I have cooked this recipe before, and I bought almonds and these cherry tomatoes specifically for this recipe and half of em are gone, I need them ALL-stop eating them!"

Chad: "I am not gonna lie to ya, I can't stop eating them"

Me: {looking for something to throw} "Oh! If I had something to throw at you, I would-STOP EATING MY TOMATOES!"

Chad: Toss me a tomato {opening his mouth wide}

I must have given him a look, because he reached up, closed his mouth and never touched another tomato!

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